School Finance: A California Perspective by TOWNLEY ARTHUR

School Finance: A California Perspective

Book Title: School Finance: A California Perspective

Publisher: Kendall Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1465267875


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TOWNLEY ARTHUR with School Finance: A California Perspective

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California school finance resembles quantum physics in that both are extremely complex. California school finance has endured tremendous upheaval in the last three decades. Meeting the educational needs of an increasing and diverse student population remains a major challenge for the citizens of this state.

School Finance: A California Perspective:

  • Illuminates a path through the thicket of financial terms and presents the subject in a straightforward way. 
  • Examines the history of school finance in California and the evolving environment of education in the state. 
  • Presents the roles of the Chief Business Official (CBO) and essential information regarding revenues, fund accounting, income and expenditures, projections, and audits.
  • Discusses the wide-ranging responsibilities of the CBO: transportation, maintenance and operations, food services, and facilities. 
  • Includes coverage of school site budgeting and fiscal management of student body organizations.


Written and designed with today’s student in mind, School Finance: A California Perspective includes pedagogical features such as a list of key terms and review questions in each chapter. In addition, a workbook (on the included CD), masters of overhead transparencies, and PowerPoint outlines are provided to adopting instructors and students.